10 Signs You Should Invest in Contract Furniture for your Group Home

Posted by Janet Voigt on Thu, Dec 28, 2017 @ 10:14 AM

If you manage a community-based group home you know the challenges of converting a residential home into a functional group home. Choppy room layouts, narrow hallways, single person bathrooms, and other space issues make converting a residential home into a functioning group living facility tricky. Furniture is an important part of outfitting a group living environment. Furniture can aid in enhancing consumer mobility & independence, managing fluid issues, and ensuring safety

and cleanliness. While using a local, residential furniture store seems like a quick and easy way to outfit group living facilities the truth is that residential furniture is not designed for heavy use, does not comply with many licensing requirements, often does not meet compliance codes for health care facilities and is, in general, not well suited to the needs of consumers and staff.
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The Right Furniture Can Make Behavioral Health Facilities Safer

Posted by Janet Voigt on Tue, Dec 12, 2017 @ 04:14 PM
Behavioral healthcare furniture needs to support your efforts to help your consumers heal, while keeping everyone safe. Understanding the specific needs of the patient population, staff and visitors is crucial to behavioral healthcare facility design due to unique needs like managing self-harm risk, preventing assemblies that can be used as weapons, eliminating sharp edges, minimizing contraband, and optimizing independence. A wide array of furniture solutions allow patients and staff to feel safe and comfortable during therapeutic stays including: One piece molded plastic furniture that has no removable parts.
  1. Ligature free furniture designed to minimize self-harm risk.
  2. Easy to clean fabrics and finishes for maximum safety and comfort.
  3. Bolt down/weighted options for behavioral outburst.
  4. Bedbug prevention tools.

When trying to combine style, functionality and cost, what are your real options? Choose seating, beds, tables and other furniture solutions designed for heavy-use. Bland, sterile-looking healthcare facilities are a thing of the past. Aesthetics now encompass a broad range of healing elements including energetic color-schemes and nature-based hues that encourage comfort.

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Furniture Designed for Sober Living Facilities

Posted by Janet Voigt on Thu, Nov 30, 2017 @ 04:14 PM
Furniture is an important part of every Sober Living facility. While your average commercial facility can pick out furniture based solely on looks, healthcare professionals have to consider how their patients and staff will interact with every piece of furniture and choose seating, beds, and storage designed for constant use while providing a feeling of home. These solutions allow people in transition to feel safe and comfortable in your facility.

When trying to combine style, functionality and cost, what are your real options?

  1. Try fully upholstered seating pieces with contemporary styling. Fully upholstered seating is a winner for providing comfort and ensuring that facilities provide a home-like therapeutic environment. Patients and clients can relax while fully engage in therapy and activities when comfortably positioned with their feet up.
  2. 1000’s of fabrics for heavy use are made to exacting standards to ensure stability under constant use, resist staining, deter breakage, prevent fluid seepage, defend against bacteria and microbe growth, and so much more!
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Why Can’t My Facility Furniture Ship Fast?

Posted by Janet Voigt on Mon, Nov 13, 2017 @ 04:14 PM

Planning for a furniture project for your new group living facility takes a lot of consideration for your clients’ and staffs’ needs, the best use of space, and the best use of budget. Choosing durable furniture and fixtures designed for group living help to create an extended furniture replacement cycles which is good news for administration. It is important to remember that all phases of planning require time to be done right. The purchase of furniture and fixtures is no exception.

The online behemoths that are commonplace for residential purchases have sort of conditioned all of us to expect speedy purchasing and delivery of all sorts of commodities. While the point and click world of consumer goods works for a lot of things that same model is less effective in wholesale industries. Furniture designed under contract durability and flammability standards is sold through wholesale distributors. In order for the wholesale business model to offer lowest pricing, little inventory is held. In other words, most manufacturers will build the furniture only when you order. The huge variety of sizes, fabrics, and finishes make storing quantities of contract-grade furniture almost impossible.

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High Durability Furniture

Posted by Janet Voigt on Wed, Oct 25, 2017 @ 02:54 PM

High Durability Furniture: Not Clunky Anymore!

Durable furniture might bring to mind images of clunky, heavy materials assembled on a thick, bulky foundations. But what makes furniture “durable” in today’s world is really just the opposite.

Technology has improved furniture production methods to a point where lighter components can combine to create a high-style piece of furniture with incredible durability and function.

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