A Comforting Setting Will Help Patients Thrive

Posted by Karyl Walker on Fri, Oct 08, 2021 @ 11:16 AM

A strong clinical program and a highly qualified staff are necessary but not sufficient for an optimal patient experience. Residents/patients will thrive only if the setting of care offers the kind of calming environment that is essential to promoting healing.

Numerous studies have shown that home-like environments prove far superior to institutional settings in helping patients to make progress. A study conducted at DePaul University's College of Science and Health found that when patients with emotional distress spent time at a comfortably furnished outpatient setting (aptly named The Living Room), they felt welcomed in a way that wasn't typical of many patient experiences. In turn, they were able to manage their emotional crises   successfully. Onweds-2 the other hand, patients in   a more traditional emergency care setting   reported feelings of loneliness and   insecurity, and did not believe staff was   supporting them.


 In fact, loneliness and social isolation are     major contributors to increased morbidity,   as they are associated with disruption to   important biomarkers such as inflammation. Research has shown that social isolation substantially increases risk of dementia and heart disease, as well as risk of premature death from all causes.


In a recent TED talk, organizational psychologist Adam Grant described a sense of “languishing” as a major risk factor for depression, calling this a pervasive problem and “the neglected middle child of mental health.” Clearly, environments of care that promote social interaction and limit isolation will help patients experience a more comfortable journey to wellness.


This is what we at Furniture Concepts emphasize in creating products that offer the feel of home for healing environments. Our Safe Harbor collection emphasizes comfort without sacrificing durability. Our furniture can easily be configured into groupings that encourage maximum social interaction, offering residents/patients the opportunity to support one another. At the same time, high-quality souTuesday June 1stnd absorption reinforces privacy when needed — the opposite of the kind of chaotic atmosphere in some healthcare settings that brings about feelings of anxiety and discomfort.

We all want patients not only to survive, but to thrive during their journey. Let us work with

you to create settings that will reduce patient fear, promote interaction, and allow each person to be his/her best self.




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