Making a Difference in the Lives of the Underserved

Careful Design Can Help to Combat Isolation

Meeting Diverse Demands Will Be Essential in the New Year

Offer an Extra Helping of Support During the Holidays

Compassionate Design Eases the Recovery Journey

A Comforting Setting Will Help Patients Thrive

Create Comforting Spaces That Maintain Durability

Safe Harbor Collection Meets Diverse Needs for Facilities

Introducing Natura:Balancing Innovation and Sustainability

Comfortable Meeting Spaces Promote Patient Recovery

Careful Design Reduces Risk of Falls

A Shift in Perspective:Seeing Furniture Choices as Investment Decision

Reduce Contamination Risk in Your Facility

Managing Risks: Caring for your Caregivers

Offering a Personal Touch in the New Year

Heavy Duty Furniture for Health Care Environments

Use Design to Create a Healing Environment

Ligature-Resistant Furniture Meets Patient, Accreditor Requirements

Make Behavioral Health Common Areas Inviting and Safe.

Smart Furniture Choices Promote Sustainability

See How Easily You Can Transform Your Camp with Furniture!

Now Is the Time to Enhance Safe Spaces for Patients

How to Safely Clean Your Furniture

We Stand by Those Serving the Most Vulnerable

Ligature-Resistant Furniture = Greater Peace of Mind

What is Commercial Lounge Furniture?

Offer Peace in the New Year:Ligature-Resistant Furniture

Wondering what you should know about bed bug resistant furniture?

3 Design Considerations For Your Dining Area

Consider the Challenges of Transitional Housing

Furniture Concepts Grows by Adding Flatcreek Manufacturing

New Furniture Buying Program Saves Time

Residents Need Serious Storage For All Their Personal Items

Comfort Has Value in Healthcare Residences

How To Assess Quality in Wood Furniture Surfaces

Details Make a Difference In Furniture Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Your Business Plan Must Include Furniture Investment

Furniture Enhances Safety in High-Risk Environments

Selection is a Must Have for Furniture Buyers

Furniture Designed with Seniors in Mind

Community Tables Now Lead the Dining Design Trend

Trend In Senior Suicide Calls For Safer Furniture Choices

Consider Biophilic Design to Inspire Today’s Modern Campers

Big and Tall Healthcare Furniture Improves the Patient-Centric Experience

Human Hustle Needs Contract Furniture Muscle

You Can Sleep Soundly Knowing Your Bunk Beds Are Safe.

The Secret of a Better Table

Longer Lasting Furniture Keeps Waste In Check

Incontinence Management for Heavy-Use Environments

Color Trends Can Refresh Your Design

How to Minimize Cleanup Tasks in Residential Settings.

Replacement Cushions: A Small Investment That Can Pay Off Big.

Back to Basics in Heavy Duty Furniture

How to Clean Upholstered Furniture From Incontinence or Any Stain

Which Bunk is Right for Your camp? Wood or Metal?

Why Contract Furniture?

Room Design for Addiction Recovery

What is Contract Furniture | Group Living Facilities

How to Choose Awesome Metal Furniture

An Interior Designer’s Guide to Healthcare Furniture

Patient Populations With Incontinence

Best Bed Bug Defense for Group Living

10 Signs You Should Invest in Contract Furniture for your Group Home

The Right Furniture Can Make Behavioral Health Facilities Safer.

Furniture Designed for Sober Living Facilities

Why Can’t My Facility Furniture Ship Fast?

High Durability Furniture

Crate Style Furniture Has Taken a Major Fashion Step Forward!

An Interior Designer’s Guide to Healthcare Furniture

5 Ways to Spruce up Your Aging Lobby

Five Useful Tips for Durable Summer Camp Furniture


How to Choose Awesome Metal Furniture!

Camp bunk beds and three benefits

How Summer Camps Get Bed Bugs

Three Small Summer Camp Furniture Investments That Can Pay Off Big

Introducing the Quick Ship Program

Creative Storage Options for Camp Bunk Beds

The Joys of Shipping: How Furniture Concepts Ships Your Furniture

Tough Stuff for a Tough Crowd: Solid Wood Behavioral Health Furniture

How to Pick a Mattress for Group Living Facilities

Three Reasons Why Group Living Facilities Should Choose a Contract Furniture Distributor Over a Retail Outlet

Why Metal Makes Sense for Health Care Furniture

How Furniture Concepts' Website Features Help Our Customers

What are Pop-Out and Clean-Out Seats?

The Different Types of Fabrics | Contract Furniture

Why Facilities Choose Wood Crate Furniture

Furniture for disabled adults and what to look for when buying

Encouraging Independence Through Comfortable Incontinence Furniture

Five Furniture Styles for Behavioral Health Environments

5 Reasons to Buy Plastic Furniture

4 Big Benefits of Metal Furniture

How Furniture Concepts Keeps You Bite Free with Bed Bug Resistant Furniture

Why We Don’t Have Pricing On Our Website

Metal vs. Wood: Choosing the Right Summer Camping Bunk Beds

Limited Mobility & Incontinence Furniture

CAL 117 and CAL 133 flamatory laws explained easy

6 Tips for the Greatest Heavy Use Furniture Ever

The Best Kind of Storage Beds for Your Facility

How to Choose Contract Fabrics Like a Pro

Contract furniture Buying Check-List

Proving the Wood Crate Furniture Skeptics Wrong

8 Pieces of Furniture That Camp Staff Can’t Live Without

9 Pieces of Furniture That Group Home Staff Can’t Live Without.


The Contract Furniture Trendsetter


Five Ways to Perfect Your BHC Day Space

Take the Stress out of Furniture Buying for Group Living Facilities..

Furniture for Behavioral Healthcare

The Power of a Good Bunk Bed

Why Crate Furniture is Still King

The Power of the Right Upholstery Fabric

The Power of Furniture Designed for Behavioral Healthcare

Who Else Wants Metal Bedroom Furniture?

Get Rid of Ugly Furniture Once and For All

Do You Make These Common Furniture Buying Mistakes?

The Myth of Bariatric Furniture

Contract Furniture Trends

What Everyone Ought to Know About Crib Safety Standards

Crate style furniture that will make you go wow!

Is Metal Furniture Worthless?

The Furniture Budget Survival Guide

How to Use Furniture to Aid Consumer Independence

The 5 Benefits of Metal Furniture

The Camp and Dorm Mattress Buyer’s Survival Guide – Part III of III

The Camp and Dorm Mattress Buyer’s Survival Guide – Part II of III

The Camp and Dorm Mattress Buyer’s Survival Guide – Part I of III

Making Group Living Spaces Livable

Three Crucial Tactics for Group Dining Facilities

5 Creative Ways to Manage Patient Incontinence

The Myth of Crate Furniture

Contract Lounge Furniture Buying Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The Modern Rules of Institutional Furniture

4 Proven Strategies for Bed Bug Free Facilities

Quick Tips to Finding the Best Special Needs Furniture Provider

The Best Kind of Heavy Duty Recliner

How to Use Self Deck Upholstery to Manage Incontinence

Best of Lounge Seating

Back to Basics in Summer Camp Furniture

Bariatric & Standard Seating:Why Combining makes sense.

Special Needs Furniture

Bed Bug Solutions


CAL 133


Barn Door Furniture Company | Wood Furniture

Camp Mattresses


Multiple-Use Furniture

Personalized Upholstery Seating

Tough Stuff Furniture


Contract Trends for Furniture

Contract Furniture Trends

Upholstered Furniture: Understanding Fabric Cleaning Symbols.

Furniture for Incontinence-Making Upholstered Pieces Fluid-Resistant.

Furniture for Incontinence-What to Look for.

Furniture for incontinence– Part 1

Furniture: Understanding Your Delivery Options

What is Your Workspace Style Like?

Furniture For Adolescent Treatment Centers Can Aid in Their Success.

Anti-Contraband Furniture: No Place to Hide!

Does Your Office Chair Support or Hurt You?

Furniture Finishes: How do I choose the right one?


Creating Healing Environments in a Group or Health Care Setting

SAFE, AFFORDABLE BED BUG Solutions: Thermal Luggage Treatment

Furniture Warranties: What Does it Really Cover?

INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS for Your Group Environment Facility!

Wood versus Metal Furniture: Which is better for Bedbug Prevention?


Controlling Bedbugs for Group Living Environments

Upholstery Vinyls, Why it's Now a Good Option.

Contract Fabric-eco friendly upholstery

Buy Durable Furniture: What else do I need to know?

Choosing Fabric for Contract Furniture, What You Need to Know.

Buying the Right Mattress for Your Facility

More Advice on Buying Affordable, Quality Furniture for My Facility.

How do I Buy Affordable, Quality Furniture for My Facility?

Buying Affordable, Quality Furniture for Your Facility: Part 1.

Choosing Color Schemes for Your Facility's Rooms & Furniture.

Furniture Standards on Flammability.

Buy Contract Furniture Vs. Retail: Reasons Group Homes Should!

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