Anti-Contraband Furniture: No Place to Hide!

Posted by Janet Voigt on Wed, Oct 05, 2011 @ 09:59 AM

Many professionals have recognized that traditional furniture is unsuitable for their environments.

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For managers and providers of therapeutic health care environments, delivering the right care might include offering the right accommodations. Often, children and adult who are at risk for behavioral outbursts or self-harm can benefit from something as simple as rooms furnished with anti-contraband storage chests, cabinets and beds.

  • Anti-contraband design essentially replaces drawers and doors with finished, open spaces.
  • This open design allows staff to easily inspect for any risky contraband items.
  • Anti-contraband furnishings can include traditional dresser, cabinet and bed designs.
  • Anti-Contraband bedroom furniture replaces traditional drawers with tight-fitting shelves that are doweled, glued, and angle-bored to ensure a strong, secure fit. Staff benefits from enhanced visibility and efficient inspections, while administration benefits from reduced initial costs and minimal upkeep costs.
  • For the highest-risk patients and clients tall cabinets can even be made with a slanted top to both prevent contraband and reduce risk of self-harm through hanging.
  • Anti-Contraband is furniture for the most demanding environments, and at the same time a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Healthcare furnishing experts like Furniture Concepts offer heavy, durable anti-contraband options that are designed for years of heavy use from even the toughest group living environments. Their Tough Stuff line offers the function of the anti-contraband design with the look of more traditional furniture in both honey and wild cherry finishes.

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