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Posted by Janet Voigt on Tue, Mar 13, 2012 @ 08:43 AM
For any healthcare, business or government facility the safety of clients, guests and visitors is a top priority. 

Fire safety, in particular, is always a main concern.  To aid in consistency of fire prevention measures many states, cities and municipalities have adopted a California legislation known for its effectiveness called California Technical Bulletin 133 - or CAL 133.  While some areas choose more stringent standards, CAL 133 has proven very useful in fire safety of public areas. 
In particular CAL 133 requires that furniture be manufactured with fire barriers that will prevent the spread of flames. 

Furniture on Fire

Some fire codes recognize the expense of CAL 133 compliance and instead
require CAL 117 compliance.  CAL 117, or California Technical Bulletin 117,
tests foam flammability but not the flammability of the fully assembled
piece.  It is always essential to consult with local fire officials for your
specific requirements. 
  • While requirements may vary it is a guarantee that only contract providers can offer CAL 133 or CAL 117 compliant furniture.

  • Retail furniture sellers are not required to adhere to such stringent flammability codes and therefore are not the right place to buy for any public use space.


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