Careful Design Can Help to Combat Isolation

Posted by Karyl Walker on Thu, Feb 10, 2022 @ 09:15 AM

The past two years have brought into focus the damaging effects of social isolation. That challenge to health existed long before the pandemic, of course. Research has shown that a lack of social connection can worsen an individual's health risks as much as heavy smoking or even a diagnosable alcohol use disorder. It's clear that all health care providers should attend to patients' social needs with the same energy they devote to physical and mental health.


A patient who consistently feels isolated will inevitably grow hopeless. A substandard living environment that doesn't promote healthy group interaction can worsen a sense of losing control. People are looking to be part of a community, and programs can support this with a carefully designed setting of care that puts patients first.


We at Furniture Concepts specialize in creating home-like environments that are adaptable to residents' needs. The pieces in our Safe Harbor collection can be configured into groupings that encourage a sense of community. This will enhance your residents' ability to find the social connection they crave.


Patients with mental health disorders will want to form positive social relationships, giving them the feeling of being a valued part of the world around them. This will create in them a sense of normalcy, as they search for meaning and purpose in their lives.


It is often said that behavioral illness is about isolation and recovery is about connection. Health providers have begun to appreciate that social connection should be considered a fundamental human need. Let us help you design environments of care that do the most to create a community of support and healing for your residents.









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