Compassionate Design Eases the Recovery Journey

Posted by Karyl Walker on Wed, Nov 10, 2021 @ 09:15 AM

The challenges we have all faced over the past year and a half have awakened us to the importance of maintaining balance in our lives. Everyone can use the occasional reminder that convinces us to reset and to refocus our priorities. For individuals with behavioral health needs, however, the effort to achieve balance never stops. Their recovery always remains a journey, not a destination.

Many factors influence these individuals' progress on that journey, from relationships with others to interactions with their environment. Residents in behavioral health or group living setti3ngs will require multiple tools to help them manage stress and improve their coping strategies. We at Furniture  Concepts are honored to contribute to this process by designing products that facilitate healing.

Our compassionate design is in harmony with the idea of always promoting wellness. A mental health diagnosis coupled with daily life challenges can generate severe emotional distress, so it is important to create care environments that are safe, calm, and comforting. Our product lines combine form and function in a way that offers ongoing benefit to residents as they manage the trials of their lives.

2The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) defines wellness along eight dimensions that contribute to good health, with “environmental” on equal standing with physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and financial. A stable recovery hinges on each of these, in a balanced approach. Our compassionately designed products will help you create settings that ease the lives of your residents at a pivotal stage of their recovery.


As stewards of your clients' progress, you can make a huge difference toward improving people's lives by selecting high-quality products that help individuals feel better about themselves and their surroundings. Let us partner with you to design spaces ideal for your clients' recovery journey.










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