INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS for Your Group Environment Facility!

Posted by Janet Voigt on Tue, Aug 23, 2011 @ 08:43 AM
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There is great truth to the adage “the difference is in the details.”Even an untrained eye can intuitively identify a well-designed space.

What Makes Good Design?

There are many factors but perhaps most important are the details.The coordination of fabrics, Furniture style and accessories that makes a space inviting but maintains the practical objective of the room. For specialized facilities like camps and conference centers, a special balance needs to be achieved that combines long-term durability, easy clean-up and a nod to the natural surroundings that defines the camp, retreat and conference center experience. No easy objectives.

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Contract Furniture Sellers have experience with a variety of facility types and can recommend appropriate solutions for your facility. Specialized furniture and fabrics are often priced comparably to standard pieces and offer specific solutions to your staffs', clients', and customers' needs. The results will be more functional and lasting furnishings that you will be proud to have chosen.

Another option for facilities is engaging the assistance of an experienced, certified designer.  The right designer will take time to understand the projects’ needs and budget and will engage the industry’s best suppliers to deliver a space-maximizing, budget-maximizing room that is sure to win customers.

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