Ligature-Resistant Furniture Meets Patient, Accreditor Requirements

Posted by Karyl Walker on Tue, Sep 29, 2020 @ 03:10 PM

A patient's decision to enter a treatment facility comes with a great deal of anxiety for patient and family alike. One of the most important ways you can reassure these individuals is by demonstrating you have taken every step to create a safe healing environment. Ligature-resistant furniture becomes a must in this effort.Having the right furniture helps with patient and family anxiety.

Because national suicide rates have disappointingly not seen declines, The Joint Commission recently updated its standard for suicide risk assessment and mitigation in health facilities. Under the National Patient Safety Goal for reducing suicide risk, behavioral health facilities must conduct an environmental risk assessment that identifies features in the physical environment that could exacerbate suicide risk. The centers then must act to minimize these risks.

The Joint Commission states in its rationale for the standard, “The most common hazards for suicide risk are ligature anchor points that can be used for hanging.” Even non-inpatient facilities that are not required to be ligature-resistant must identify individuals at high risk for suicide and take action to protect them from any environmental risks.

Rounded corners help make caseloads saferThis likely will involve removing anchor points, door hinges and hooks from the physical space.

This is why using ligature-resistant furniture represents a smart choice for all treatment centers that work with at-risk clients. Furniture Concepts' solid-wood Safe Harbor furnishings offer ligature resistance while also providing style and color options to give a home-like look to patient rooms and common areas. Case goods in the Tough Stuff! line feature rounded corners that limit opportunity for cord attachment. Optional sloped tops for storage cabinets reduce the risk of hiding contraband thatcould be used for self-harm.

In these turbulent times, facilities need to take all possible steps to ensure patients and families that their environment of care is safe. The Tough Stuff! Safe Harbor collection can serve as the foundation for a welcoming, comfortable and nurturing treatment space. Ultimately helping to promote your clients' well-being and personal growth.


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