Make Behavioral Health Common Areas Inviting and Safe.

Posted by Karyl Walker on Wed, Aug 19, 2020 @ 09:53 AM

Common spaces in healthcare facilities have undergone a major transformation, driven by a desire to establish a moreContract Upholstered Chair welcoming experience for patients. In behavioral health and addiction treatment centers, the effort to create a healing and aesthetically pleasing environment also must maintain a focus on safety.
Open concept community spaces can serve multiple functions — enhancing the therapeutic process, ensuring consistent monitoring of patients, and promoting patient interaction. These spaces should be designed to limit the potential for crowding, which can trigger stress reactions in patients. Safety glass partitions can offer separation without blocking natural light, a key feature of healing environments. Community spaces also should always be designed with ease of patient navigation in mind.

Soothing colors, soft artwork and natural textures all have a calming influence on individuals who have faced major disruption in their lives. Spaces with open access to the outdoors also have become an important feature in many behavioral health facilities. These components of inviting spaces can reduce the risk of patient incidents fueled by anxiety.

Furniture Concepts Tough Stuff! Seating

Furniture that is durableand allows residents to relax and be comfortable should be considered an essential element of behavioral health facility design. Furniture Concepts offers attractive options that will address patient needs while proving cost effective for your organization. Our solid wood TOUGH STUFF! line withstands heavy-use over time, making it an impressive value for facility operators. Customers can furnish their common spaces with comfortable seating that calms patients and is easily cleaned. Furniture Concepts offers bolt-down, ligature resistant, and anti-contraband options that maximize the security of your patient spaces.

The stereotypically sterile health care setting has given way to a healing environment that borrows from the best ideas of hospitality. Furniture Concepts' guidance can help you create welcoming spaces that promote patients' well-being and assist them on their road to recovery.

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