Managing Risks: Caring for your Caregivers

Posted by Karyl Walker on Fri, Jan 29, 2021 @ 02:24 PM

Managing risk in a healthcare setting becomes a complex task, requiring organizations to consider both the overtly unsafe act and the hidden danger in the environment. Each facility will have its own risk profile based on the characteristics of its physical space, workforce, and populations served. This is why it's so important to have access to tailored solutions that can correct any shortcomings in a facility's furniture and equipment.


Caring for CaregiversRecently a Furniture Concepts customer that operates a network of group homes was analyzing data showing that many of its caregiving staff were calling in sick or quitting their job altogether because of work-related stress. Helping residents out of a seated position and into bed was proving too strenuous on the back for many staff members. This observation is in line with Center for Health Design data, which shows that just over half of the registered nursing workforce experiences chronic back pain. What's more, about 12% of departing nurses cite back pain as their primary reason for leaving the profession.


Here at Furniture Concepts we were able to work with the group home company to identify modifications that, among other benefits, would make the transfer from chair to bed less taxing. Our TOUGH STUFF! line of solid wood furniture can be customized to an organization's unique needs. Features such as thicker seat cushions to enhance resident safety and comfort can benefit both the patient/resident and the caregiver.


At a time when a public health crisis has only intensified what we ask of our helping professionals every day, it's more urgent than ever to identify solutions that can combat staff absenteeism, loss of productivity, and turnover. Managing risk requires as much attention to taking care of employees as it does to protecting patients. The two go hand in hand. Furniture Concepts can work with you to create a personalized solution, with countless possibilities.

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