Meeting Diverse Demands Will Be Essential in the New Year

Posted by Ashley Martin on Fri, Jan 07, 2022 @ 09:15 AM

Making predictions for the new year always proves dicey, and forecasting how 2022 will unfold is no exception. Just as we began to think we'd be moving out of COVID's pandemic stage by early next year, Omicron threw in new uncertainty. This comes at a time when managers in group-living environments already face growing expectations from patients and their families.


As we move into 2022, it's no longer enough for organizations to perform their core function well. Today's care providers are expected to address all of the variables that affect a client's health and well-being. The term “social determinants of health” has quickly evolved from a catchy buzzword to a governing principle for organizations that are more closely integrating health care with quality-of-life factors. This trend will continue at a brisk pace in the new year.

With many of your incoming clients already well aware of the adverse effects of inadequate housing and social support, arriving at a safe and welcoming environment will be essential to navigating a better path. We at Furniture Concepts can help meet your patients' expectations by working with you to create a home-like environment that minimizes resident stress.

More and more frequently, behavioral health providers are being asked to demonstrate the impact of their services. This is the reality for a sector that historically has been marginalized. And this starts with proving your worth to patients and their families. A safe and functional living environment becomes the first step to conveying that yours is an organization that cares about the whole person, above all else.

As your staff faces multiple demands in the new year, it makes more sense than ever not to have to worry about shortcomings in your environment of care. Let us partner with you to create a setting that will support the most comprehensive care experience for your clients in 2022.


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