Offer an Extra Helping of Support During the Holidays

Posted by Tiffany Fenner on Fri, Dec 10, 2021 @ 09:53 AM

Media messages try to envelop all of the holiday season into one loving Hallmark moment, but this doesn't match the reality many of your clients' experience. The holidays can be a trying time for those struggling with illness and recovery, with a swirl of emotions creating something of a “Bermuda Triangle” around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. Add to the mix the lingering anxiety around COVID-19, and this could prove to be an extremely stressful period for patients and staff alike.

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  It will be more important than ever to build a sense of community for residents who won't be     engaging in the typical holiday experience, many of whom also might harbor painful memories     of holidays past. This starts with an environment of care that is safe and welcoming, combating   the isolation that affects vulnerable populations during the season. Opportunities for strong   social connection can counteract any anxiety over not being able to experience the glamorized   version of the holidays.

  Our products for group living environments emphasize security and durability while also   conveying a    home-like feel. They can help reduce patient stress and create a setting that   serves as a home away from home for individuals who have been displaced from traditional   celebrations.

  The holidays can prove to be an ideal time to reinforce a sense of community and to make everyone feel included and appreciated. A non-traditional holiday experience can still prove to be meaningful and comforting for those navigating a path to wellness.





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