A Comforting Setting Will Help Patients Thrive

Posted by Karyl Walker on Fri, Oct 08, 2021 @ 11:16 AM

A strong clinical program and a highly qualified staff are necessary but not sufficient for an optimal patient experience. Residents/patients will thrive only if the setting of care offers the kind of calming environment that is essential to promoting healing.

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Create Comforting Spaces That Maintain Durability

Posted by Karyl Walker on Tue, Aug 31, 2021 @ 11:48 AM

Experts in health care services constantly talk about the importance of offering care in the “least-restrictive setting,” because we know most patients will do better in environments that are less institutional and more like home. This is the idea behind our expanded Safe Harbor collection. These products help to create a group living environment that is soothing to patients/residents, reducing stress and enhancing their well-being.

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Introducing Natura:Balancing Innovation and Sustainability

Posted by Janet Voigt on Tue, Jun 22, 2021 @ 10:55 AM

Companies everywhere are being asked to be stewards of the environment with the same dedication they devote to their customers, and rightfully so. We see this effort to be better as a cornerstone of our mission at Furniture Concepts, and that's why we are excited and honored to introduce our Natura line of products.

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Ligature-Resistant Furniture Meets Patient, Accreditor Requirements

Posted by Karyl Walker on Tue, Sep 29, 2020 @ 03:10 PM

A patient's decision to enter a treatment facility comes with a great deal of anxiety for patient and family alike. One of the most important ways you can reassure these individuals is by demonstrating you have taken every step to create a safe healing environment. Ligature-resistant furniture becomes a must in this effort.

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Make Behavioral Health Common Areas Inviting and Safe.

Posted by Karyl Walker on Wed, Aug 19, 2020 @ 09:53 AM

Common spaces in healthcare facilities have undergone a major transformation, driven by a desire to establish a more welcoming experience for patients. In behavioral health and addiction treatment centers, the effort to create a healing and aesthetically pleasing environment also must maintain a focus on safety.
Open concept community spaces can serve multiple functions — enhancing the therapeutic process, ensuring consistent monitoring of patients, and promoting patient interaction. These spaces should be designed to limit the potential for crowding, which can trigger stress reactions in patients. Safety glass partitions can offer separation without blocking natural light, a key feature of healing environments. Community spaces also should always be designed with ease of patient navigation in mind.

Soothing colors, soft artwork and natural textures all have a calming influence on individuals who have faced major disruption in their lives. Spaces with open access to the outdoors also have become an important feature in many behavioral health facilities. These components of inviting spaces can reduce the risk of patient incidents fueled by anxiety.

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