Five Useful Tips for Durable Summer Camp Furniture

Posted by Janet Voigt on Fri, Aug 11, 2017 @ 02:11 PM
The weather might not agree but the calendar says it is time to start planning for summer.  Summer camp administrators and leaders have been busy attending national and regional conferences like the American Camp Association and Christian Camping & Conference Association to learn how to maximize camp attendance and programming.

We have put together a few tips for facility operations and development that focus on furniture as a transformative part of camp operations.

Outdoor Furniture for Your camps.

1. Turn Outdoor Space into a Classroom, Theater, Worship or Eating Space.

Outdoor space is a hallmark of summer camps but is often underused or used as a dedicated nature-scape. There are simple ways to turn green space into multi-use space.
  • Thermoplastic coated metal furniture like benches and picnic tables are weather-proof ways to invite the classroom and meals outside.
  • Options like Molded Plastic Stacking Chairs are not all-year weather hardy but they can withstand summer sessions left outdoors and can convert any area into a theater, worship center or classroom. 
  • Solid wood Adirondack Furniture is still a classic for outdoor, heavy-duty seating that will stand the test of time.

Camp Piankatank Furnished by Furniture Concepts2. Summer Camp Bedroom Furniture is Designed to Save Space.

A unique feature of summer camps is that there is an expectation that the facilities will be organized to accommodate a maximum number of sleepers in as efficient a space as possible.
  • That is why bunk beds are such a natural fit for camps, conference and retreat centers – they sleep two people in essentially the same space as a single bed.
  • Both metal and solid wood bunk bed options are popular for camps who want durable, long-lasting sleep surfaces that are easy to maintain.
  • Frequently, ladder-end beds or integrated, vertical ladders are used to keep floor space free.
  • Storage for campers’ personal items is also very efficient with the use of items like underbed storage chests or tall, divided cabinets that allow campers to neatly store their stuff while not overwhelming sleeping rooms with bulky furniture.

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How to Choose Awesome Metal Furniture!

Posted by Janet Voigt on Sat, Aug 05, 2017 @ 11:52 AM

Metal furniture has become a popular choice for group and dormitory living.

 Contract Metal Furniture

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Why Metal Makes Sense for Health Care Furniture

Posted by Janet Voigt on Thu, Sep 29, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

There used to be a time where metal furniture was viewed as a bare-bones, practical option for facilities that didn’t care about style. Fortunately, that time has come to an end. Modern metal health care furniture can provide both style and substance for facilities in need of durable furniture options. Here are two big reason why metal furniture can be a great choice for health care facilities.

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4 Big Benefits of Metal Furniture

Posted by Karyl Walker on Thu, May 12, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Choosing the right furniture for your organization is a big decision. One of the biggest decisions is to pick out which material works best for your environment. Furniture Concepts offers great contract furniture solutions in a variety of materials. Here are four ways that metal furniture can benefit your facility.

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Why Crate Furniture is Still King

Posted by Janet Voigt on Thu, Mar 28, 2013 @ 09:10 AM

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Who Else Wants Metal Bedroom Furniture?

Posted by Janet Voigt on Thu, Feb 14, 2013 @ 08:33 AM

Metal beds, metal dressers and chests have hit the contract furniture industry with a bang!

With a focus on cleanliness and durability, metal furniture has gained a place of prominence for facilities that focus on health care or housing.

So what makes contract metal furniture such a winner? 

  • To begin with, the heavy duty metal bed and heavy duty metal cabinet construction combines strong steel with fashion-forward colors and finishes.
  • The powder-coated painted finishes with laminate tops and accents easily blend into any floor plan.  Warm, earthy finishes mimic wood furniture and can made to look like any wood species. Bolder, saturated colors can blend into spirit colors or just add some dazzle to an otherwise bland color palette.

So how do you know if metal furniture is the right choice for your furniture project? 

  • To begin with, look at your consumer’s needs and lifestyles.  If you have transient consumers or students who will use your facility heavily for limited amounts of time, metal may be a great choice. Metal furniture can be easily cleaned and can be treated with pesticides that will not penetrate the furniture surface. For those concerned with pests like bed bugs, metal can be a great choice because the non-porous material offers limited places for pests to hide.
  • If you deal with consumers who tend to use their living environment without a lot of regard the furniture then metal might be a good consideration for you too. Metal furniture can withstand a lot of heavy use.  Contract metal furniture uses heavy-gauge steel that does not dent or get damaged under typical use. The baked-on painted finish resists dings and scratches but can be spot repaired if needed. With the addition of laminate tops to case pieces, metal furniture is practically indestructible for any contract use!

Get The Metal Bedroom Furniture Catalog

When weighing the pros and cons of metal versus wood furniture for your next furniture project, always work with a reputable contract furniture provider contract furniture provider that understand the needs of your consumers and your facility. Not all metal furniture is created equally so ask for specifications and warranty details so that you truly understand what you are buying.
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Is Metal Furniture Worthless?

Posted by Janet Voigt on Wed, Dec 12, 2012 @ 08:25 PM

Metal furniture is steadily growing in popularity.

It is popping up in project specifications and contract design trade publications. But why?  It turns out there are several valid reasons why metal furniture is increasing in popularity for group living environments. 

Here are the top three:

  1. IT IS DURABLE.  Both wood and metal furniture have had their place in the history of furniture design.  Both offer durability and can stand the test of time.  But, metal is showing its might as a work horse of the contract furniture market. Metal furniture is relatively lightweight but has a practically impenetrable surface. Metal surfaces can show ink marks or scratches so some facilities prefer laminate tops on metal case goods to provide a more scratch and dent resistant top. Metal finishes can be spot repaired so over time surfaces can be preserved to look pristine even when used heavily.
  2. IT IS EASY TO CLEAN. When heavy cleaning agents or pesticide treatments are a must, metal furniture surfaces can be less absorbent than wood surfaces allowing for less harmful residues. In some facilities that have to face bed bugs or other pests, metal is an easy surface to treat and clean of pesticides.  While there is no evidence that metal is less attractive than wood to bed bugs and other pests, there can be fewer hiding places in soldered metal joints. But, a hiding place is a hiding place and bed bugs or other tiny pests will not discriminate and can find dark, cozy hiding spots in any piece of furniture – wood or metal. Caulking and other sealants are effective ways to seal seams and joints in any piece of furniture that will help deter pest nesting.
  3. IT IS ATTRACTIVE. Metal furniture can be basic like metal beds and case goods, but metal can also be highly re-configurable and gives rise to endless possibilities for space planning. For example, metal loft beds can be positioned at heights that can accommodate storage and work areas underneath. As needs change, the bed and accessories can be reconfigured to lower or higher points to meet current residents’ needs. Additionally, metal can be finished in a variety of colors from natural colors to bold, primary colors. Metal finishes can be customized to easily match an overall color-scheme and can match team or community color preferences. Chrome finishes used in mixed material designs in upholstered seating and dining or occasional tables provide high-end looks and will stand the test of time.
When considering adding metal furniture to your facility design, it is important to understand what metal furniture does (and does not) do. Metal can be used as a complement to wood furniture or can be a substitute for wood furniture. Regardless of why you may be thinking about metal, always consult with a contract furniture expert to get all the information you need to make the right choice.
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What Everybody Ought to Know About Bed Bug Resistant Furniture

Posted by Janet Voigt on Wed, Oct 24, 2012 @ 08:42 AM

Bed bugs have become a hot topic in healthcare and group living environments – and for good reason.

Bed bugs are difficult to detect and are easily carried in by unsuspecting humans who may harbor the pests in clothes, luggage or personal items. Once they’ve set up shop in your facility, getting rid of them is full of challenges.

Pesticides have been found to be largely useless. A variety of non-chemical methods have been tested and found to be effective but no bed bug management eradication plan is quick or easy. Once in your facility, bed bugs hide in obscure place including flooring, base boards, and electrical outlets – anywhere there is a tight hiding space.
Furniture is an obvious concern since beds and seating offer a hospitable environment for bed bugs.

No “type” of furniture is immune to the risks of bed bugs.

Facility managers may weigh the advantages of metal versus wood versus metal but at the end of the day no furniture or fixture type can prevent bed bugs. Their small size and stealthy behavior makes them tricky foes. 


So what can you do when purchasing new furniture to help minimize the risk of encouraging bed bugs?  

Here is a little insight on the strengths of a few popular types of furniture:

  1. WOOD. The term “wood” furniture encompasses a variety of constructions including solid wood, veneers, composites, and laminates. In general, the smoother the surface the more resistant it is to bed bugs. Wood is not an attractant to bed bugs; rather the porous nature of unfinished or roughly finished areas can offer bed bug hiding places. The more smooth and scratch resistant the furniture finish on all areas of the furniture, the more inherently bed bug resistant a piece is. A well-lacquered piece of solid wood furniture can work well in a bed bug management plan.
  2. METAL. Metal beds and case pieces have become a popular option for facilities with a high risk of bed bugs like transient housing. Metal, like finished wood, resists bed bugs due to its smooth finish but still has joints, bends and weld points that can offer bed bugs safe harbor. An advantage of metal is that it resists chemical damage and can be “washed” clean after bed bug treatments.
  3. MOLDED PLASTIC. Thermoplastic injection molded furniture is a single piece construction.  Molded plastic offers a smooth surface that resists bed bugs. There are fewer joints then wood or metal furniture but there is still surface area on the underside of the furniture that can be a nesting area for bed bugs. Again, plastic can be “washed” after chemical treatments.


Although the construction material matters, it is by no means the end of the road for bed bugs.

  • Bed bug infestations involve entire rooms and bed bugs can live happily in small spaces beyond furniture. All furniture has some sort of bend, or crevice, or joint, or surface that meets the floor and wall. 

Prevention and monitoring will always be the most important part of any bed bug management plan. When in doubt, count on the expertise from your commercial furniture vendor who can help guide you to the right furniture choices that will help you manage bed bugs at your facility.

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The 5 Benefits of Metal Furniture

Posted by Janet Voigt on Thu, Oct 11, 2012 @ 04:18 PM

Metal furniture has recently become an interesting topic in facility planning and design.

Once considered too utilitarian in style, contract metal furniture has developed a fresh surge in popularity for a variety of reasons including durability and cleanability. While wood furniture will always remain a popular option, here are the top five reasons to consider metal furniture for your group living, healthcare or camp environments:
  1. Believe it or not, it has great style!  Metal furniture manufacturers have worked hard to create furniture that combines both form and function. Natural colors that are reminiscent of wood and laminate drawer faces can transform a basic piece of metal furniture into something indistinguishable from wood furniture aesthetically.
  2. Cleanability and pest management. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that metal furniture does not deter bed bugs any better than wood furniture, but metal furniture does allow easier clean up and tolerates pest fighting chemicals better than wood due to its less absorbent surface. Metal furniture has bends, folds and board areas that still offer pests like bed bugs a place to hide so it is by no means bed bug or pest proof but with proper inspection and maintenance metal furniture can be a useful component of a pest management plan.
  3. It’s got spirit & style! While most metal furniture is designed to mimic or blend in with wood furniture, metal can also be a great statement as part of a team or school spirit color design.  Standard primary color options or custom match paints are easy to achieve on metal furniture since metal does not the variations and graining of wood. Painted metal surfaces are consistent easy to standardize in for any color scheme.
  4. Extreme durability. Metal furniture is a work horse of the contract furniture market. Metal furniture can tolerate extreme use which makes it perfect for any group living environment – especially dormitory and transient housing applications. Metal beds and bunk beds are durable and cleanable. Metal case pieces can include underbed storage, night stands, and chests of drawers. Metal’s finishes are well-sealed so with proper care metal beds and case pieces can withstand punctures, drink rings and general heavy use. What’s more, if the finish ever gets damaged do-it-yourself patch kits can create a like-new look in very little time.
  5. It’s affordable. While good-quality metal furniture might have a higher sticker price than wood equivalents, you can expect metal furniture to last 10 – 15 years or longer.  Many metal furniture collections have warranties that will cover normal use for ten years or more. Metal furniture may require a larger up-front investment but the replacement cycle is less frequent.

Metal furniture is popping up in a lot of places that traditionally use wood furniture.  Metal beds and case pieces can be combined to create a highly durable, highly functional living space for group living environments.

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