NATURA: Safe Harbor Sustainable Furniture

Natura Gray


Class A Fire Rating

NATURA Night_Stand_With_Shelf_Dorain_grey

NAT-6360 Nightstand


NAT-6200  Two Shelf Chest

NATURA 3-Shelf Chest_Dorian_grey

NAT-6240 Three Shelf Chest



VOC and Formaldehyde Free

NATURA Single_Wardrobe_Flat_Top_Dorain_grey

NAT-6420 Single Wardrobe

NATURA Single Wardrobe_Dorian grey

NAT-6460 Single Wardrobe with Slant Top

NATURA Desk_ Dorian Render

NAT-6400 Writing Desk



No fading, splintering, cracking or warping

NATURA Double flat top_Dorian_grey

NAT-6431 Double Wardrobe

NATURA Double Slant top_Dorain_GreyRender

NAT-6470 Double Wardrobe with Slant Top


NAT-6220 Panel Bed

Natura Jecobean

About Natura

Furniture Concepts' Safe Harbor Natura Collection settles the "nature vs nurture" debate once and for all. The optimal space for healing is comprised of a nurturing environment that is furnished with all-natural materials.